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MotionPilot Vector

SFr. 389.00
MotionPilot Vector

MotionPilot Vector

SFr. 389.00
Estimated delivery: 2 weeks

The MotionPilot Vector is a performant drone remote allowing you to pilot with the motion control of your hand. You will be set in a immersive environment piloting your drone in a first person viewer experience. 

The controller comes with a receiver for your own personalised drone. 


Key Features

Super Smooth Control

Our custom designed radio module can transmit up to 1 km with a 15 ms latency. This makes for an ultra smooth flight experience. We are using state of the art technology to achieve this performance.

Motion Control

With Motion Control, you are able to fly your aircraft by simply moving your hand. Lean your controller in any direction and the drone will follow your instruction. All of this is achieved with a single hand. 

Ergonomic Design

MotionPilot Vector's sleak design makes for a more portable and ergonomic remote control than you have ever seen before. The two button user interface allows to quickly arm the drone and go through the flight modes. 

SBUS Compatibility

With our radio receiver, you will be able to fit our remote onto your own drone. The receiver outputs a standard SBUS signal that can be wired to your own flight controller.

Precise and Intuitive Control

Technical specifications

  • Radio Control

    Range: 1km

    Latency: 20 ms

    Frequency: 2.4 Ghz

  • Autonomy

    MotionPilot Vector is able to work during 10 hours before being recharged.

  • User Interface

    The two buttons on top of the controller allow you to arm you drone and change flight modes.

    MotionPilot Vector's software can be updated using a USB cable. Our accessory port will allow you to connect future product that we are currently working on!

  • Size and Weight

    With it's small size and 150 gram weight, MotionPilot Vector can easily be carried around.