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Explorer Kit

SFr. 915.00
Explorer Kit

Explorer Kit

SFr. 915.00
Estimated delivery: 3-4 weeks

This kit was selected by MotionPilot to bring to users a ready-to-fly experience with the Vector controller. The Sabotage RC Dingo 5 drone was chosen for its high end flight capabilities. Combined with Vector controller and FatShark Recon goggles, the pilot can immediately start flying. 

This ready-to-fly kit comprises of:

- MotionPilot Vector
- Sabotage RC Dingo 5 drone equipped with MotionPilot Receiver
- FatShark Recon goggles
- Lollipop Antenna
- 1x charger B3 Pro
- 2x Battery 3s 1500mah
- 3D printed MotionPilot Prop Tool
- 1x set of Propellers (4 units)
- 1x Usb cable

SabotageRC Dingo5 Technical Specifications

  • Motor

    Booty 2306 2300kv Motors

    5'' DalProp Propellers

  • Flight Controller

    F4 Flight controller with preconfigured BetaFlight settings

  • Frame

    Dingo5 5 inch carbon frame

  • Video Transmission

    TBS unify 5.8GHz 800mw video transmitter 

Vector Technical Specifications

  • Radio Control

    Range: 1km

    Latency: 20 ms

    Frequency: 2.4 Ghz

  • Autonomy

    MotionPilot Vector is able to work during 10 hours before being recharged.

  • User Interface

    The two buttons on top of the controller allow you to arm you drone and change flight modes.

    MotionPilot Vector's software can be updated using a USB cable. Our accessory port will allow you to connect future product that we are currently working on!

  • Size and Weight

    With it's small size and 150 gram weight, MotionPilot Vector can easily be carried around.