MotionPilot Explorer Kit

SFr. 1,089.00
MotionPilot Explorer Kit

MotionPilot Explorer Kit

SFr. 1,089.00
Estimated delivery: 3-4 weeks

MotionPilot Explorer allows you to start flying in a matter of minutes. This kit includes everything you need to get in the air. We selected the best components: The Sabotage RC Dingo 5 drone was chosen for its high-end flight capabilities. Combined with MotionPilot Vector controller and FatShark Recon goggles, the pilot can immediately start flying.

This ready-to-fly kit comprises of:

- MotionPilot Vector
- Sabotage RC Dingo 5 drone equipped with MotionPilot Receiver
- FatShark Recon goggles
- Lollipop Antenna
- 1x charger B3 Pro
- 2x Battery 3s 1500mah
- 3D printed MotionPilot Prop Tool
- 1x set of Propellers (4 units)
- 1x Usb cable

User Manual (PDF)

Introducing Motion Control

Vector is introducing motion control to the world of First Person View. As you press on the arm button, Vector precisely tracks the attitude of your hand in space. Each of the three control axis - yaw, pitch and roll – can be controlled. The result is an intuitive and immersive experience while zipping through the air.

Long Range Carbon Protocol

Flying a drone requires a radio link that works in every situation. For Vector, we started from a blank sheet. We are using state-of-the-art technology for the Carbon protocol. The result is a strong and reliable link up to 1km.

User Interface Tailored for FPV

The Vector user interface is designed for FPV. Throttle is precisely controlled using the trigger. The main button allows to arm your drone quickly while the mode button will swipe through user selectable flight modes.


Low Latency

Carbon protocol gives great responsiveness while piloting with only 10ms over the air latency.


Vector has Bluetooth built in. A future software update will allow you to go deeper in your Vector’s settings. Stay tuned!

Beginner Mode

Explorer features a beginner flight mode that enables new pilots to quickly start piloting. The drone combines a yaw and roll motion to create smooth turns.

Advanced Modes

Advanced and Acro mode give you full control over the aircraft allowing you to capture incredible images or show off your flight skills.

SabotageRC Dingo5 Technical Specifications

  • Motor

    Booty 2306 2300kv Motors

    5'' DalProp Propellers

  • Flight Controller

    F4 Flight controller with preconfigured BetaFlight settings

  • Frame

    Dingo5 5 inch carbon frame

  • Video Transmission

    TBS unify 5.8GHz 800mw video transmitter 

Vector Technical Specifications

  • Radio Control

    Range: 1km

    Latency: 20 ms

    Frequency: 2.4 Ghz

  • Autonomy

    MotionPilot Vector is able to work during 10 hours before being recharged.

  • User Interface

    The two buttons on top of the controller allow you to arm you drone and change flight modes.

    MotionPilot Vector's software can be updated using a USB cable. Our accessory port will allow you to connect future product that we are currently working on!

  • Size and Weight

    With it's small size and 150 gram weight, MotionPilot Vector can easily be carried around.