Blick features MotionPilot as one of the drone valley startups

Blick magazine features MotionPilot in its November issue, talking about EPFL startups, innovations and latest products being launched. 

"Motion Pilot is still in its infancy. Another EPFL spin-off. During their studies, the founders Timothée Peter, Benjamin Bonnal and Arthur Gay developed a control system for drones that reacts to the movement of the hand. Today, the three inventors are working on their product in the smallest of spaces, testing their controller in the field next door. "The interaction with the drone becomes more intuitive and alive by the motion control , explains managing director Peter. A product for leisure that increases the fun factor. Motion Pilot's controller makes the flying experience more exciting and attractive. "Not necessarily simpler," says Peter. Flying a drone still requires a lot of attention and practice."

Check it out here (German)