Next month the MotionPilot team will be present at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas

It’s getting close to the end of the year, nevertheless, the MotionPilot team is gearing up and preparing for the January CES Las Vegas fair. Together with Switzerland global enterprise, we will be at the Swiss pavilion presenting our new product, MotionPilot Vector (link).

Our flights are booked, and we intend to introduce our drone remote to you. At the swiss pavilion, we will be showcasing our remote controller and we will do flight demonstrations every hour.

Planning for this trip, we are getting everything ready to bring to you the best FPV flight experience, full of thrills and adventure. We will be flying our drone in a wind enhanced environment full of turbulences provided by WindShape. Our hope is to share with you the stunts and emotion Vector provides.

Find us from the 8thto the 12thof January at the Switzerland Pavilion booth #53310.

More info on CESwiss


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The making of our video

On a cold day, early October our friends and us, the entire MotionPilot team headed out for what turned out to become a great day. This day had been planned with “Imajack” a group of young film professionals to produce our vision. We had been nervous about the outcome of this project; a lot of time and effort had been invested to make sure that the final video represented the true core values of MotionPilot.

“We couldn’t be happier with the Imajack crew” said Benjamin Bonnal, co-founder of MotionPilot.

It all started with the script, what did we want to share? What is our vision? Why were we doing this? We focused on figuring out our identity as a company and putting these in words. After challenging reflections and thoughts, the vision came to be. All that was left was getting the script from the producers and organizing the perfect day.

As a team, we had planned it all, multiples video goggles, extra batteries, more than enough drones and especially our hard-working innovation, the motion control remote (MotionPilot Vector). We had been practicing stunts and drone photo shoots for days on end, to make sure you, our viewers, would feel the thrills and passion we live and share.

The big day arrived, and MotionPilot’s friends came to the occasion to support the video production. It all started in the workshop at the Garage building of EPFL, where you can see us working on different models and perfecting over and over again the design, electronics and software. Then it was off to the next adventure, getting some serious flight experience and pushing it to the limit. We all headed up to a mountain peak, the “Aiguille du Mont de Baulmes” at 1’550 meters (5’115 feet) of altitude. The views were fantastic and even though it was a very cold day, the emotions of the entire group kept us going. Time to fly, backflips, acrobatics, close calls, all the emotions everyone shared. All our friends had their own video goggles and experienced the talented flight skill of Timothée.

“Being able to live these emotions and sensations is incredible” said Arthur Gay, co-founder of MotionPilot.

All in all, our adventure with our friends on this video production day was awesome. From the hard work involved in the preparation to the perfect execution and now to being able share our vision and passion with the rest of the world. All we hope for is for more people to be able to feel the thrills and excitement from our invention.