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We make drone piloting fun and intuitive.

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MotionPilot's bundle includes everything that you need to start flying right out of the box.

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Discover an intuitive and immersive flight experience with our ready-to-fly drone.

With motion control, we made the MotionPilot bundle as intuitive as possible. A live video stream of your drone in your goggles allows a complete immersion. Zig-zag through trees, race against your friends and explore your surroundings like never before.


  • Motion Control

    With MotionPilot, you control the drone by moving your hand. Simply lean the controller forward and the drone moves forward. Lean it sideways and the drone automatically turns. Simple as pie!

  • Full HD Video

    Capture your flight through a Full HD camera on your drone and share it with your friends. The drone can capture Full HD 60 fps video while streaming the video back to your goggles live.

  • Ready-to-fly

    With a drone, the motion controller and FPV goggles, there is everything you need to fly in the box. You can start to experience MotionPilot in a matter of seconds.

  • Adaptive Flight Modes

    Whatever your level, you are always in control of your drone. Our three flight modes allow you to slalom with ease, fly with precision  or perform acrobatic stunts!

We are here for you

We are 100% dedicated to help you get off the ground as smoothly as possible. All our ready-to-fly bundles are assembled by hand in Switzerland and thoroughly tested. Would anything break, we will happily take care of your bundle and restore it to full glory.

Do you like to experiment? We do as well! Our team of engineers would be pleased to hear all about your projects and help you design custom solutions.

  • Race track at Le Lab

    MotionPilot stand will be present at Le Lab during the Comptoir Suisse for 10 days. Come join us and fly our drones on the LED-lit race track!

    Time and place: from 11am to 8pm everyday from Friday 14th to Sunday 23rd at Le Lab, avenue des Bergières 10, 1004 Lausanne.
    Official website:

    Watch our announcement video

  • Beta testing program

    Join our beta testing program and be the first to enjoy MotionPilot's bundle!

    As a beta tester, you will have access to our prototypes and have our dedicated support to get your product in the air and improve your experience.

    Avid pilot and beginners alike are welcome to become betatester. MotionPilot is easy!

    Ask us about MotionPilot beta program.