The first motion controller for FPV drones is here!

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At MotionPilot, our goal is to enable you to live and capture incredible flight experiences. We have designed our controller with performance and ease of use in mind. To achieve it, we are introducing motion control for FPV. Motion control provides a never-seen-before immersive control experience in a compact and powerful device.

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What is motion control?

Vector brings motion control to the world of First Person View. As you arm your drone, Vector will precisely track the attitude of your hand. Each of the three control axis - yaw, pitch and roll – of the remote correspond to the drone's motion. The result is an intuitive and immersive piloting experience while zipping through the air.

Long range, please

Flying FPV requires a radio link that works in every situation. For Vector, we started from a blank sheet. We used state-of-the-art technology on the 2.4GHz band to design our Carbon protocol. The result is a strong and reliable link up to 2km. Our diversity receiver outputs an SBUS signal that is compatible with most flight controllers out there.

UI Tailored for FPV

The Vector user interface is designed for FPV. Throttle is precisely controlled using the trigger. The main button allows to arm your drone quickly while the mode button will swipe through the user selectable flight modes. The controller feels secure in your hand while being small and sturdy to be carried in your backpack.