The Ultimate Flight Experience

We make drone piloting fun and intuitive.

MotionPilot is an all-in-one flight experience

MotionPilot features a drone, first person view goggles and the motion controller. We packed MotionPilot with features to make it intutive and fun!

Motion Control

With MotionPilot, you control the drone by moving your hand. Simply lean the controller forward and the drone moves forward. Lean it sideways and the drone automatically turns. Simple as pie!

FullHD Video

Capture your flight through an HD camera on your drone and share it with your friends. The drone can capture Full HD 60 fps video while streaming the video back to your goggles live.

Smartphone App

Using Bluetooth, our controller is fully customizable through an app on your smartphone. You can access all the key settings of your controller and easily tweak it to your own needs.

Ready to fly

With a drone, the motion controller, FPV goggles and a smartphone app, there is everything you need to fly in the box. You can start to experience MotionPilot in a matter of seconds.

Intuitive Experience

With motion control, we made motionpilot as intuitive as possible. A live video stream of your drone in your goggles allows a complete immersion. Zig-zag through trees, race against your friends and explore your surroundings like never before.

Compact Design

By using motion control, the MotionPilot controller is compact and ergonomic. This allows you to carry it everywhere with you without compromising on the piloting experience.

Who's behind MotionPilot

Arthur Gay
Co-Founder, Software
Benjamin Bonnal
Co-Founder, Electronics
Gabriella Rossier
Thibaut Paschal
Co-Founder, Hardware
Timothée Peter
Co-Founder, Project Leader

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