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MotionPilot explorer features our innovative controller, a drone and flight goggles.

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An Innovative Remote Control

Our product offers a fully immersive experience allowing you to control, live and feel the thrills of a first-person view drone flight. We conceived and developed a remote which will change your relationship with your drone.


It is difficult to find the words that would express what we were seeking and what we were living. The combination of adrenaline, visual and physical sensations could not be more perfect to create the thrills experienced when flying our drones.


We didn’t just want to build anything, we were following our passion in drones as well as in quality and sustainable innovations. We wanted to make a difference for the user seeking new ways to live. The drive which brought us here, is a drive we want to share with many.


Looking at the world, travelling, seeking new experiences and discoveries, we starve for adventure and change. To constantly live new emotions, sensations, joy and sharing these with our loved ones. Enabling new experiences has been the most joyful part of our own adventure.

Packed with Features

MotionPilot Vector
  • Motion Control

    With Motion Control, you are able to fly your aircraft by simply moving your hand. Lean your controller in any direction and the drone will follow your instruction. All of this is achieved with a single hand. 

  • Super Smooth Control

    Our custom designed radio module can transmit up to 1 km with a 15 ms latency. This makes for an ultra smooth flight experience. We are using state of the art technology to achieve this performance.

  • Ergonomic Design

    MotionPilot Vector's sleak design makes for a more portable and ergonomic remote control than you have ever seen before. The two button user interface allows to quickly arm the drone and go through the flight modes. 

  • Compatible with any Flight Controller

    With our radio receiver, you will be able to fit our remote onto your own drone. The receiver outputs a standard SBUS signal that can be wired to your own flight controller.

MotionPilot Vector is Here !

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