The next generation of radio

The MotionPilot team is developing a smart radio controller to interface with every kind of drone. Its simplicity and intuitiveness enables beginners to start flying straight away and with no effort at all. We have not compromised with the functionalities and precision so that advanced pilots can make the most of the MotionPilot's capabilities. Our latest design uses top notch haptic feedback technology providing an unforgettable experience which will ravish every FPV addict and bring fun to occasional pilots.




For every drone

MotionPilot comes with a receptor which is compatible with most mainstream protocols: PPM, PWM, and more to come... Use the programming port to adapt it to suit your own needs.


Motion control

MotionPilot includes a high precision inertial measurement unit with a powerful sensor fusion algorithm to allow you to control your drone with single-hand movements.


Optimized for FPV

MotionPilot features haptic feedback technology. A patent pending deformation mechanism sends tactile stimulations straight to your palm. Combine this with a first person view headset for a most immersive experience.


Bluetooth enabled

MotionPilot is capable of Bluetooth Low Energy. You can use our free app, soon available on the App Store, to tweak settings and customize your remote. Develop your own app on top of our open API!


Meet the Team

Arthur Gay

Co-Founder, Software

Timothée Peter

Co-Founder, Project Leader

Thibaut Paschal

Co-Founder, Hardware

Gabriella Rossier


Benjamin Bonnal

Co-Founder, Electronics


Awards / Medias

  • Best Business Concept award of the CTI Entrepreneurship Training
  • The Shared Brain supports entrepreneur with regular brainstorming sessions between fellow entrepreneurs in Lausanne and Geneva.
  • La Forge is a co-working space for startups located at the EPFL innovation park.
  • Innovaud supports innovation in the Canton of Vaud.
  • MotionPilot is coached by Genilem.
  • MotionPilot has been featured in Bilan, the first Swiss business magazine.
  • MotionPilot won the first stage of VentureKick in December 2016 and the second stage in April 2017 and is now on its way to the third stage of VentureKick.
  • MotionPilot won the first place of the European Student Startups Challenge in London in March 2017.
  • MotionPilot was featured in EPFL Magazine 07 - 05/2017.

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